Hemingway App Vs Grammarly

After you have completed the Grammarly installation, you will be able to create your Grammarly account and customize your preferences. Everything runs smoothly and looks tidy.

You also have the option to upgrade to a paid version. It was quite shocking to find that $11.66 per month was the price, but I might be able to justify it once I’ve played around with it for a while.

Grammarly Vs Hemingway App Review

Grammarly Website

Sign in to see a clean dashboard. It offers all the options you would expect.

My Grammarly: This takes you back to your dashboard.

Profile: To add or change character names to your dictionary, and to modify your language preferences (to avoid American spellings), you will need to create an Account. You can also edit your name, email address, and other details.

Apps: Install links for Grammarly Chrome (the browser plug-in), Windows and Office. You can also install the extension if you log in from another browser.

The dashboard gives me the option to upload a document, or to play with a demo. Too impatient, I want to see what this thing has said about my writing.

First, I noticed that I can’t upload.pdf files. It’s not that big of a deal. I can save my Google Docs to.docx if necessary. The following files are accepted by it:

I save my document in a.docx format and then upload it, expecting magic to occur. Or, I can prove to myself that this software is not necessary.

It was wonderful that my first document was loaded in. Grammarly told me that editing is easy. I laughed. I thought I was above it all. Boy was I wrong.

Take a look at the screenshot below and don’t judge me.

Holy crap. Nineteen alerts!

There are 19 things I could have done wrong if Grammarly was a better writer than I am.


(For my avid readers, the above excerpt is from my previous blog post, How and Why I Failed NaNoWriMo. I was able to wipe away my tears and then I went through their suggestions before giving up on writing.

You can scroll through the errors you’ve (apparently made) and decide whether you want to accept them. Grammarly is able to understand human speech. That’s a good thing!

Grammarly helps you spot the errors quickly and is very thorough

I see a bin icon. I can ignore it completely.

I have a small flag icon that I can use to label it offensive or incorrect.

However, I also have a little “more” button. It is indicated by the three dots at the bottom right.

This feature is really appealing to me.

It doesn’t just tell me I am wrong but also explains why my punctuation errors are wrong and how to fix them. This will help me improve moving forward.

I don’t know if you remember this type of English, but I do.

It is very attractive to have a tool that will help me improve my writing technical aspects.

Grammarly agreed to this point.

But I was determined to keep fighting for them all!

I made a grammatical mistake. Grammarly, let’s see what you can do for me!

Grammarly highlighted the error and provided the following advice:

It’s both educational and helpful!

Grammarly makes sense if you go through the advice. These are the kinds of things that I feel like I wish Grammarly had helped me with.

It is not the red line that Word used to show, but it is a reminder of my mistake and a way for me to improve.

Grammarly allows you to upload a document for evaluation. I discovered a few things. I am not as good as I thought. It is okay to admit it and continue on. Every day is a schoolday!

Grammarly gave me the ability to personalize my document goals, which I absolutely love.

Grammarly Plugin Grammarly is correcting me now… I installed Grammarly and loaded my Google Docs writing location.

Ah. Beta? On well. We will continue.

It was great to use the plugin on a document that I had already written. I copied a brief story that I had written into a blank document, and then I held my breath.

It returned 11 suggestions. These were all easy to verify. Double click on the red underlined suggestion for Grammarly to see what Grammarly has said about them.

It’s simple, straightforward, and most likely right. This was something I had thought was more personal, but I’m willing to accept it.

Oops! I forgot that one! This is what I accept.

This one I don’t agree with. The sentence wouldn’t make sense to me without the comma so I will ignore it.

You can also add a hyphen or change “in to” to “into”, for example.

It not only checked my grammar and spelling while I was working on a specific task, but also evaluated my Facebook messages. This was not something I liked!

Facebook Messenger doesn’t seem like the right place to ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct.

Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn are all being reviewed as I go. This is very helpful if your posts and connections are professional. That is what I love.

Grammarly is, in general, a useful tool.

During the initial analysis, I had to look at more things, but I preferred the explanations that the web page provided.

Let’s compare how Hemingway does.


Oh, what pretty colors!

(I swear I am an adult. It’s very interesting: Hemingway provides a wonderful breakdown of the meanings of all colours as well as the types of things it looks for in your writing analysis.

This feels deeper than Grammarly so far. Let’s try it with the same piece that I used to test Grammarly.

This is more about the sentence structure and readability rather than grammar and spelling, which I love.


Let’s begin with the adverbs 52! This isn’t fiction.

Stephen King once said that ‘the road to Hell is paved with Adverbs’. Looks like I am building roads now…

Therefore, I see exactly what Hemingway is talking about.

Now that I can see my Adverbs highlighted in blue, it is obvious that maybe that is excessive.

Take a look at the image above.

To indicate that an alternative phrase is available, the pink highlighted word “Previously” is highlighted. This is true.

The entire sentence was highlighted because it is difficult to read. It is, I suppose. This sentence is my favorite!

This red sentence is classified as difficult to read. This piece contains 11 of them.

Is it not just difficult to read due to the terminology? The intended audience would understand the terminology.

Yes, the piece I wrote has multiple problems, grammatically speaking.

Hemingway doesn’t allow you to accept unique terminology or style, but I disagree.

This blog post is conversational and chatty.

It is up to me to decide what pieces of advice to take with me and which to ignore.

Depending on how large it is, this could make it impossible to use.

Hemingway, as I go

Next, I decided to use Hemingway’s website instead of using it as a guide. Evidently, I cannot.

The desktop version is available, and it looks amazing, but it’s expensive!

I love the beautiful colors and in-depth explanations of Hemingway’s books, but the limitations make it difficult for me to spend real money.

It looks the same on the website version as it does in the photos, so why should I pay more?

However, it does state that blog posts can be published directly to Medium or WordPress. You can also export your writing to the rest of the internet as HTML or Markdown. You can also import and export text directly from Word documents. It doesn’t seem worth the extra cost to me. A plugin is not available. It was very disappointing.

The end!

Grammarly is my recommendation, despite the beautiful colors. Grammarly offers so much more than just a free service.

Their website allows me to upload documents to be checked, edit, and use a plugin for my writing to make sure I don’t pay any fees.

While I enjoyed Hemingway’s breakdown of issues (adverbs passive voice, simpler options, harder to understand sentences and very difficult to read sentences), it isn’t enough.

Although it’s wonderful to be able copy and paste content into their website editor, it feels like they have restricted your options to get you to buy the full version.

It doesn’t matter what language you use, common sense is essential.

If you rely solely on one app, and have no faith whatsoever in your own judgment, you could do more harm than good for your work.

Grammarly is the winner. You can get free help from Grammarly and have many options. Your invisible prize is in the mail

Also, I have to admit that I’m not as perfect as I thought. But there is time.

Who do I choose?

It all depends on your writing needs. Hemingway is the right choice for you if you write often and are aware of your grammar. Grammarly is for you if you don’t write as often but need help with grammar checking and improving your writing technique. You can also choose to use the WordPress uploader or plagiarizing software.