Quillbot Vs Grammarly

Grammarly vs. Quillbot: Which Is Better?

Where do you stand between Quillbot and Grammarly? Find out now!

There are a multitude of rules in English grammar that many writers find confusing. Writing is confusing when you have to follow every rule, especially when you’re in a flow state. Although we can often catch many errors during the editing process, we are only human and make mistakes.

Grammarly Vs Quillbot

Exactly what is Quillbot?

Rohan Gupta developed the paraphraser tool Quillbot in 2017. Quillbot was founded on the principle that you shouldn’t worry about how you write, but what you write.

In order to rewrite content, Quillbot uses machine learning and artificial intelligence. So regardless of whether you’re writing a website, a school paper, or summarizing articles, Quillbot is a useful tool.

There are add-ons for Word, Chrome, and Google Docs.

What are the benefits of using Quillbot?

Depending on your writing needs, you can use different modes in Quillbot. The following are some examples:

  • Standard
  • Fluency
  • Creative and Creative+
  • Formal
  • Shorten
  • Expand

You can paste an article into Standard Mode, for example, if you’d like to paraphrase it. It allows you to keep the same writing style while changing words in your article.

The Creative+ mode alters common sayings and phrases using creative artificial intelligence. This is helpful for students.

When they paste their assignment into this mode, it will paraphrase words with a creative emphasis.

For Whom Is Quillbot And Grammarly Designed?

There are two tools that will help you improve your writing: Quillbot and Grammarly. They also paraphrase sentences, which makes it easier for your readers to understand. So who is this tool for?

  • Bloggers
  • Content marketers
  • Freelance writers
  • Authors
  • Digital marketers
  • Remote workers
  • Small business owners

These are some of the use cases we’ll discuss.

Bloggers and Freelance Writers

It can be detrimental to your client relationship if your copy contains spelling errors or doesn’t read well. The AI-driven tools Quillbot and Grammarly helped me become a more effective freelance writer. As a result, I was able to reduce the number of grammar mistakes in my writing, engage my audience more, and spend less time editing.


Discipline is essential to writing a book. The storyline and characters will need to be developed, and you’ll need to learn how to grab the reader’s attention from cover to cover. It will take time and dedication.

Editing, however, is the most time-consuming aspect of publishing a book. A spelling error or plot hole needs to be avoided.

Editors proofread the work of most authors. You can use Grammarly to catch small mistakes and formatting errors before you send your first draft to an editor. You shouldn’t use it as a replacement for a professional editor, but it can help you polish your work.

Content Marketers

The written word plays an important role in building profitable relationships with readers and followers in content marketing. It involves creating landing pages, social media ads, blog posts, and emails for target audiences.

No matter how unique your product is, if you cannot structure sentences correctly and communicate your value, nobody will buy from you.

Grammarly allows you to check your content for errors by pasting it into the tool. Make sure that your content is deliverable, readable, and engaging. By doing so, you can ensure that your message is clear and concise.

As part of Quillbot’s Premium Plan, you can copy and paste your work for SEO and paraphrase specific sentences that might be difficult to read.

Remote Workers

As a result of the pandemic, many people have started working from home. Even so, this can be challenging.

Instead of walking into your boss’s office, knocking on their door, and discussing a project you’re working on, you need to send them an email. The length of the email can vary based on the complexity of the topic.

The entire email will need to be edited by you without any software to check your writing and paraphrase your work. The writing assistant makes corrections as you type, which saves you time editing.

A comparison of Grammarly and Quillbot

There is an online writing assistant called Grammarly available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It checks for typos and other grammatical errors, just like Quillbot. Ever since I began freelancing, I’ve used it.

Grammarly offers much more than just a spelling and grammar check. As a freelance writer, you want your text to be clear and engaging. This tool makes suggestions on how to improve it.

Free Plans

Grammarly and Quillbot provide limited free plans, and while they’re a good option if you’re just trying out the platform, the features are limited.

On the free plan, Quillbot doesn’t let you use different modes, and you can only paste 400 words at a time.

Grammarly is more flexible with their free plan since they give you access to many useful features, but I would like to see both platforms offer more features to users.

Winner: Grammarly

Premium Pricing

If you don’t want to spend money immediately, both Quillbot and Grammarly offer free trials. You can get a feel for the platform by using the free plan.

With Quillbot’s premium version, you have three options:

  • The cost of a monthly plan is $4.95
  • a month; a semi-annual plan costs $24.96 a month
  • or $39.95 per year for Grammarly Premium
  • you can also choose among three pricing plans:
  • $29 per month, $29.95 per month, $39.95 per year
  • Subscriptions are billed every three months for $59.95
  • $59.95
  • $59.95. Subscriptions are billed annually for $139.

The cheaper option is clearly Quillbot. Grammarly offers a more advanced grammar check than Quillbot.

I am a fan of Quillbot (just for the price) and Grammarly for its functionality I’ve used both products for several years now and some features stand out.


When you use Quillbot, you can choose from different paraphrasing modes. Choose the formal paraphrasing option to make your text more formal. Text can also be shortened or expanded using these options.


In comparison to other paraphrase and proofreading tools, such as Wordtune and Ginger, Quillbot and Grammarly are the easiest to use. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a tutorial on how to use the software.

You can also use Google Chrome extensions for both tools to check your work as you write. Through the app and add-on, you can also accept Grammarly’s suggestions with a single click.

Winner: Grammarly

What I Don’t Like About Quillbot and Grammarly

Despite being very helpful for writers, both platforms can be improved in some ways:

Using Quillbot, you’re limited to 1000 words

Grammarly cannot summarize text

The free plans are both limited

Quillbot has a 10000-word limit, even if you pay for it. While it might not be a dealbreaker, if you write a novel, you’ll have to copy and paste ten thousand words at a time.

Grammarly is not able to summarize large amounts of text, unlike Quillbot. You will primarily focus on fixing spelling errors and making your writing more concise.oncise. In other words, Quillbot is a great tool for summarizing your work.

  • Paraphrasing tool that is useful
  • with a simple interface
  • that is affordable
  • Easily integrated into Word, Chrome, and Google Docs
  • Docs
  • Docs. Paid and free versions have character limits
  • Compared to other spell checkers, Quillbot’s is not as advanced
  • and does not check for plagiarism
  • or offer an AI writing assistant like Grammarly

Criteria for my testing

I compared the free and paid versions of Quillbot to the free and premium versions of Grammarly when writing this article. To evaluate whether these tools are practical options for students and essayists, I used the following criteria.

  • Accuracy
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility

The majority of the changes made by both Quillbot and Grammarly meet these requirements. Additionally, they offer tips on how to move words around to make your writing more readable.

What makes us trustworthy?

I have been using Quillbot and Grammarly since I started my career as a freelance writer, and it has saved me a lot of time and money. My articles were a mess in the beginning, since I didn’t understand a lot of grammar or structure principles.

My writing quality improved almost immediately after I started using Quillbot and Grammarly. These tools are useful because when they suggest changes, they will explain why and how to avoid making the same mistake again. My aim when writing was to avoid the common mistakes I made.

As a result, I have developed confidence in my writing skills to avoid most of the errors I once made. I have peace of mind knowing that Quillbot and Grammarly will catch my spelling mistakes.

In the final analysis, Quillbot vs Grammarly

Although Quillbot and Grammarly cannot replace a human editor, both tools can streamline the self-editing process. This kind of assistant is effective at spotting spelling mistakes and unclear language. In addition, they offer tips on how to fix mistakes.

It is worth investing in both Quillbot and Grammarly since they will improve your writing skills overnight and help you save a lot of time editing.

I have been using Grammarly for a few years now, and I can say that it is more accurate and has more features. All freelance writers, content marketers, and small business owners should use it because of its spell check and plagiarism tools.

Posting content online requires all of these factors.

The only downside to Quillbot is that it is less feature-rich (at least in comparison with Grammarly Premium ). Quillbot is the perfect writing assistant for anyone who repurposes content often. Paraphrasing longer texts is also a good choice.

It is more expensive to purchase Grammarly Premium. Use it to check for plagiarism in your work and edit it with advanced artificial intelligence.

It’s also a great choice if you work with other writers. The free version is also a good choice, even though the reports are limited.