Wordtune vs Grammarly

Reviews & Pricing of the 24 Best Grammarly Alternatives

Are you seeking Grammarly alternatives or proofreading software that can help you make your writing stand out? We round up your options here.

Online grammar checkers like Grammarly are among the best available. Word and Outlook integrations combine with artificial intelligence to make it an excellent tool for writers, authors, and bloggers.

Grammarly Vs Wordtune

Wordtune Vs Grammarly

Wordtune uses the same user-friendly interface as Grammarly. Copy your content, click “rewrite” on the toolbar, and after a few seconds, you’re good to go.

While Grammarly cleans up your work, Wordtune completely rewrites it.

Find out if Wordtune is a good option for you by reading my comprehensive review.

With Wordtune, your work is rewritten in an understandable way

You can choose from casual, formal, or neutral tone for your rewriting

Microsoft Word, Gmail, and Chrome all have autocorrect features

Most spelling and grammar errors will not be caught by Wordtune

The program only rewrites in English

Free versions have limitations

You can choose between two payment options when you sign up for the paid version of Wordtune:

$9.99 per month for a monthly plan

$119.88 per year for an annual plan

I recommend ProWritingAid as the best Grammarly alternative and I often use it with Scrivener. The desktop app is also used for checking online articles.

My top picks for writers’ proofreading software are listed below. They can be used for more than just spelling errors.

There is comprehensive grammar, punctuation, and writing style information for all examples except Hemingway App to help you avoid writing mistakes like:

  • Grammatical errors
  • Run-on sentences
  • Passive voice

So why not try one of these tools right now and get started? These tools have everything you need to improve your writing.

Quillbot Vs Grammarly

A plagiarism checker is just one of many editing features offered by Grammarly. You can also use its rewriting features to ensure your sentences don’t sound awkward.

Using Quillbot, you can rewrite any sentence. It does not have a long list of editing features, but its rewriting suggestions are the best. Therefore, if you are new to writing and structuring sentences, Quillbot is the better choice for you.

I love how easy it is to use and navigate

Create well-structured and compelling sentences using the Rewriting feature

It’s less expensive than Grammarly

It is flexible due to its integration with Word, Google Docs, and Chrome

The number of characters you can paste at once is limited

Compared to Grammarly, the spell check is less advanced

There is no plagiarism checker in this program

The cost of Quillbot is $4.95 per month, $24.95 every six months, or $39.95 per year, making it a budget-friendly tool.

With a price range of free to $6.99 per month, Microsoft Editor is a popular Grammarly alternative.

If you are a casual writer interested in a tool that will spot advanced mistakes, Microsoft Editor is better than Grammarly. Students who have to hand in Spanish essays may be able to use it to check their writing in different languages, such as Spanish.

When it comes to advanced suggestions in foreign languages, Microsoft Editor has the edge. The best part is, with a Microsoft account already set up, you can use it for free.

Microsoft Editor Vs Grammarly

When I have checked blog posts and newsletters using both tools, I find Grammarly to be a bit more accurate. In terms of making advanced suggestions in foreign languages, Microsoft Editor wins out. Grammarly does not offer this feature.

You get access to a writing assistant without having to buy additional subscriptions

Over 20 languages are supported by Microsoft Editor

Because the editor works on Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows devices, it is flexible

Free versions have limitations

The accuracy isn’t as good as Grammarly

You don’t have to pay if you have a Microsoft account. Microsft Editor is not available as a separate subscription. A Microsoft Personal account costs $6,99 per month. This subscription includes access to other Microsoft tools, such as PowerPoint and Excel.

Prices range from $120 to $190 Nick Wright created Stylewriter, a powerful yet affordable editing software that allows authors, writers, and marketers to correct grammar and style issues in just a few clicks.

Stylewriter is designed for students and casual writers. It provides readability statistics so that you can tailor your writing to a specific audience. New writers and students benefit the most from Stylewriter, according to my experience.

Because Stylewriter teaches you how to create engaging content, and when it corrects your work, it shows you how to improve.

Stylewriter Vs Grammarly

Students and casual writers are the target audience for Stylewriter. The tool analyzes problems, teaches you how to fix them, and it is very affordable.

Since Grammarly is not as affordable as Stylewriter, it’s a better choice for professional writers and teams.

See which is better for you by reading my Stylewriter vs Grammarly review.

It is accurate to use the human-like editor

Your writing will be easier to read with its unique jargon-elimination tool

Analyses and graphic representations that are informative

It’s a reasonable price

You will be shown how to improve using the software

There is no integration with other platforms like Google Docs

Interface design looks dated

The plagiarism checker in Stylewriter is not available

One of the things I like about Stylewriter is that it does not offer monthly or yearly plans. It’s a one-time purchase that you can access forever. By doing so, you cut your business expenses in half. Stylewriter provides three plans:

The starter editor costs $120

$150 for the Standard Editor

The Professional Edition is $190

Price: $24.95/month, $44.85 for a quarterly plan, or $95.52 for an annual plan.

Previously called GradeProof, Outwrite makes suggestions to improve your writing to increase clarity and fluency. As of today, Outwrite has over one million subscribers around the world, founded by Craig Sketchley and Nick Hough in 2015.

Outwrite mainly finds style, readability, and structural errors. It also offers a plagiarism tool similar to Grammarly and Copyscape so you can check for duplicate content after you have edited your work.

Outwrite Vs Grammarly

Outwrite and Grammarly both offer accuracy, but they do it differently. It mainly looks for errors in style, readability, and structure, such as passive voice and awkward sentences. Among its other features, Grammarly offers grammar, spelling, clarity, and plagiarism checks.

You can find everything you need to know about each tool in our Outwrite vs Grammarly comparison.

They are some of the most accurate suggestions for style and readability

It rewrites awkward sentences and shows you how to improve them

Discounted team plans are available from Outwrite

New features are released constantly

When checking for mistakes in spelling and grammar, it isn’t accurate

Checking 50 documents a month is the limit of the plagiarism tool

A limited number of features are available in the free version

Outwrite is an affordable service. For the paid version, you have the option to sign up for a monthly plan for $24.95, a quarterly plan for $44.85, or an annual plan for $95.52 per month.

Chegg is similar to Turnitin in that it’s targeted toward college and high school students and costs $14.95 to $19.95 per month. Students can use an AI proofreader to correct grammar errors and a plagiarism detection tool to detect duplicate content. Students can get better grades with Chegg overnight.

It’s cheaper than Grammarly since Chegg is geared toward students.

Chegg Vs Grammarly

When it comes to writing essays, Chegg is an affordable tool you can use to check for issues related to writing, plagiarism, citations, and more.

The advanced readability and suggestions of Grammarly make it a better choice for writers who want to improve their content.

We are here to help you with your homework 24/7

Answers provided by Chegg are accurate and verified

You can use it easily and at an affordable price

New users can try Chegg’s services for free

Customer support isn’t as good as it could be

There are times when accounts are flagged without any reason

Chegg Study costs $14.95 a month, Chegg Math Solver costs $9.95 a month, and the Chegg Study Pack costs $19.95 a month.

Price: $4.95 per month Copyscape scans billions of web pages looking for duplicate content. You are guaranteed to submit original material.

Copyscape Vs Grammarly

In addition to Grammarly’s accurate plagiarism checker, Copyscape offers more advanced features such as a bulk checker, plagiarism website banners, case tracking, and private indexing.

It’s easier to run bulk checks on offline documents with Copyscape than with Grammarly, so if you’re looking for a tool that allows you to run basic plagiarism checks without having to subscribe, Grammarly is best. However, Copyscape is a better option if you need to check multiple documents at once.

If you would like to learn more about Copyscape vs Grammarly, you can read my Copyscape vs Grammarly comparison.

It has advanced features such as an offline and bulk checker

By displaying plagiarism banners on your website, Copyscape protects it

You can check to see if other websites are copying your work

It is extremely accurate

The cost of 200 words is about 3 cents

Something in the software can’t read URLs

A monthly subscription to Copyscape costs $4.95. If you wish to pay by check, it costs 3 cents per check.

EasyBib costs $9.95 to $19.95 per month. Neil Taparia founded EasyBib in 2001 when he lived in New York City. An important part of his vision was to develop a tool that makes it easy to create citations and avoid plagiarism.

Even though EasyBib’s grammar checker isn’t as accurate as Grammarly, it specializes in creating citations, so it is a valuable tool for students, researchers, and authors.

The advantage of EasyBib is that it’s cheaper and emphasizes citation creation. Incorrectly referencing someone else’s work can result in plagiarism penalties. Correct citations can even damage your credibility with readers if you’re writing a book. Thanks to EasyBib, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Advanced citation creation
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Note-taking

EasyBib Vs Grammarly

It depends on your writing needs as to whether Grammarly or EasyBib are better for you. Take a look at Grammarly if you’re looking for a well-rounded writing assistant. EasyBib is a better choice for students, due to its lower cost and emphasis on citation creation.

Citations can be created easily

It’s an affordable option

The tool detects plagiarism accurately

EasyBib contains too many advertisements

Grammarly’s proofreading tool is not as accurate as this one

Free versions have limitations

You can choose between two paid plans with EasyBib:

The monthly fee for EasyBib Plus is $9.95

$19.95 per month is the cost of EasyBib Study Pack

$9.99 per month to $119.88 per year Wordtune is a paraphrasing tool that uses language processing to identify awkward sentences.

Wordtune makes your work better than Grammarly because it customizes your writing style. It is an affordable alternative to Grammarly.

Is there a better alternative to Grammarly?

Grammarly’s most comparable alternative is ProWritingAid, thanks to its powerful grammar checking tools, desktop app, and in-built plagiarism checker.

What is better, Grammarly or Ginger?

Grammarly is more widely used than Ginger and offers more features that appeal to business users and writers who collaborate.

What is the need for a Grammarly alternative?

When your work has specific requirements or you are on a tight budget, consider a Grammarly alternative. Writers of fiction could benefit from the additional tools offered by ProWritingAid. The same can be said for content marketing teams who can find a tool like Writer.com useful. Even those who do not have much money to spend on software can find options. Despite not being as powerful as Grammarly, they can still assist you.